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How to prevent and treat acne – tips by Dr Liv

Hello everybody, my name is Dr Liv Kraemer and I'm a dermatologist at my clinic in Zurich/ Switzerland. My focus is skincare and skinfood. A lot of my patients are asking me how to get rid of acne. They also want to know how to prevent acne or breakouts. Let me answer some questions for you: What is acne? What triggers acne? Is acne contagious? How to prevent and treat acne at home? What can you do to minimize breakouts? Which food can you eat and which food you should avoid?

Sometimes, unfortunately, my patients are visiting me too late, and scars have already developed. Read my tips and try to avoid acne breakouts and acne scars!

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how to wash your face right to prevent acne by Dr Liv Kraemer

How to wash your face to prevent acne and pimples

Hello everybody! My name is  Dr Liv Kraemer, but all my patients are calling me Dr Liv. I'm a dermatologist with focus on skincare and skinfood. A lot of my patients here in Zurich/Switzerland ask me how to prevent acne. I would like to share with you some common mistakes you can avoid while washing your face. Watch my video tutorial about how to wash your face the right way and read my tips below. If you want to read the blog in German, switch to the German site.

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