Fruit acid Dr Liv

Smooth and acne free skin with fruit acid chemical peel treatment - tips by Dr Liv

Hello everybody, my name is Dr Liv Kraemer and I'm a dermatologist from Zurich with focus on skincare and skinfood. Most people suffer from large pores and bad skin condition. Suddenly our skin gets duller and thinner. Additionally, some of us even get pimples on top of this. Acne in adulthood is not rare. Let me explain one of my favourite treatments: the fruit acid chemical peel. Of course, your home skincare routine is the most important part. I compare it with exercise. You 'll never get a sixpack just by doing exercises with your fitness trainer just once. It's rather the everyday training which makes you look fabulous. It's the same with your skin.

I always tell my patients, you need to have the right skincare and then I can prepare a treatment which leads to a  beautiful, glowing skin without breakouts.  A  treatment with fruit acid chemical peel smooths your skin complexion and can even prevent acne. I will show you how it works:

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