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Pumpkins – your autumn powerfood for a healthy skin

October is halloween season and all my patients are asking me about the powerfood pumpkin. In this post I advise you how pumpkin can benefit your skin.

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How to avoid acne while sleeping – by Dr Liv

Do you suffer from acne? It can be very distressing! In this video and her blog Dr Liv Kraemer will tell you how to avoid acne while sleeping.

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What is atopic dermatitis and how can it be treated?

Do you suffer from itchy skin particular during stressful times? Maybe your parents also suffered from allergies, asthma or skin diseases like eczema? I will tell you what atopic dermatitis is and give you a few tips to manage intense itching

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Healthy skin through exercise and skin antioxidants

Do you want to know what antioxidants are good for your skin? Why do we need antioxidants for our skin? What happens to your skin while we exercise?

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How to wash your face to prevent acne and pimples

I would like to share with you some common mistakes you can avoid while washing your face.

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Smooth and acne free skin with fruit acid chemical peel treatment – tips by Dr Liv

Acne in adulthood is not rare. Let me explain one of my favourite treatments: the fruit acid chemical peel.

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How to prevent and treat acne – tips by Dr Liv

What is acne? What triggers acne? Is acne contagious? How to prevent and treat acne at home?

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Beauty sleep – why sleep deprivation causes skin aging and skin problems!

Can a lack of sleep cause rush, skin aging or even acne? What happens during your sleep? How to get your beauty sleep?

Skin Food

The truth about superfoods – by Dr Liv

Is there a connection between powerfood and healthy skin? Everyone says chia seeds are good for your health and goji berries are high in vitamins. Really?

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How to avoid dry skin and winter acne – tips by Dr Liv

Protecting dry skin and avoiding acne in winter ✔ Wearing big scarves and hats? ✔ Getting dry and itchy skin and acne?