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Dear friends,

thank you for coming to my shop. I welcome you!

My friends from the fashion industry created the slogan:

“From model to researcher to dermatologist- Dr Liv-…because she loves and lives beauty”. I always had to laugh, but since then everybody is calling me now “Dr Liv“. 🙂

I worked as a researcher, dermatologist and advisor for different skincare companies. Until all my local and international patients ask me to design products they could not find. Therefore, I decided to turn my passion from research and skincare into the development of my own products.

I decided to start with these two essential products: the fruit acid serum and the fruit acid washing foam for your face. As almost all cosmetic skincare ingredients which are landing in the anti-aging industry are originally coming from medicine- specifically from the acne treatment. Therefore, both of my products are not just great against dull and rough skin (anti-aging) but also great against blemishes. They do fit perfect into your normal skincare regime.

As I said: just replace your cleanser through my fruitacid washing foam. In the morning and in the evening. My fruit acid serum you can add to your normal skincare regime as a night serum below your normal light night cream.

Since I travel so much for patients, conferences or seminars- I of course designed all products in travel size too.

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