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Skin-Analysis consultation incl. VISIA pictures
Dr. Liv’s special     250 CHF

Face     from 250 CHF
Incl. Neck     from 310 CHF

Skin-tightening Microneedeling plus Radiofrequency
1 region (e.g. face)     800

Hyaluronic filler
Lips     from 500 CHF
Lips repair     from 550 CHF
Nasolabial fold     from 500 CHF
Cheek augmentation     from 1200 CHF

Per region(both eyes, glabella,forehead)     from 250 CHF
Upper Lip, Chin, Nose     from 250 CHF

Botulinumtoxin Mesotherapy
Lips     250 CHF
Mini Cheek Lift     250 CHF

Restylane Skinbooster     from 450 CHF

Sweat-Control via Botulinumtoxin    
Under Arm     700 CHF
Upper Lip      200 CHF

JetPeel (peeling, cleaning, infusion)
Jetpeel     from 420 CHF

Mesotherapy each region  
„Upgrade“- no botox     200 CHF
„freeze“ – no botox     200 CHF
„white in“     200 CHF

LED- „blue“ light against acne
6- abo     450 CHF

LED  „red“ light for  collagen production
6- abo     450 CHF

Both legs (up to 2 seccions)     from 450 CHF
if more than     200 CHF

Hydrofacial (peeling with lactic acid and vacuum cleaning)
Facial     from 250 CHF

Pen-Microneedeling incl. Skin Nutrition
1 Area     from 550 CHF
Body 1 Area     from 550 CHF
Small scars     220CHF (Dermastamp)

Nutrician Advice/ Detox
consultation excl. blood work     from 250 CHF

Skin/mole check via photo finder system
Full body     150 CHF


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Mon     10am until 9pm
Thur     10am until 9pm

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