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Dr Liv Kraemer has been featured in numerous national and international media articles such as in CNN Money SwitzerlandNZZ am SonntagCosmopolitanVertigo, Gala-Switzerland, in touch, SIStyle, Annabelle, Cover Magazine, Bunte, Flair, Body and Soul, Friday, Handelsblatt, etc. She had a column in the beauty forum magazine and is teaching in different sectors.

Dr Liv Kraemer gives regular talks in the field of skincare, skinfood, anti-aging and longevity. Some interviews in the different sectors are featured here: ETH ZurichLorange Business Institute,  Beauty Forum,  Bank Julius Baer, the Think Tank WIRE and more.

Dr Liv Kraemer, also called Dr Liv,  gives regular national and international talks in the field of skinfood, skincare, antiaging and longevity. Also, she has published various dermatological articles and is the author of a book and scientific book chapters ( Therapy of Skin Diseases, Springer-Verlag” . If you want to know more about skincare, skin food, and beauty follow her on her social media accounts e.g. her BlogInstagramLinkedin or Facebook.

Annabelle Magazin Cover
Interview Annabelle Magazin
Bilder Frau Cover
Bilder der Frau Cover

Learn more about Dr Liv, or just make an online appointment if you want to get your natural skin glow back.

Dr. Liv Kraemer im Bild Interview
Hautärztin verrät, wie sie sich vor Falten schützt
Dr. Liv Kraemer zum Sonnenschutz
Tipps zum Sonnenschutz bei redspa media
Gala Switzerland Magazin
Gala Switzerland
Cover Magazin
Cosmopolitan Mag

Also published in:

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die-frau.atBeauty-fairs.deSonrisa – akneJulius Bär SummitCNN Money
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Bunte Germany
Bild Zeitung VIP Dermatologin Dr Liv Kraemer falten und Botox
Bild Zeitung
Bild interview mit dr Liv Kraemer with dermatologist dr liv how to wash the face

50 plus and still looking great in your skin with dr Liv Kraemer
50 plus
Gala und Dr Liv Kraemer skincare und skinfood
gala magazine mit beauty dermatologin dr Liv Kraemer


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DrLiv im Body & Soul Magazin
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Tipps im Attika Magazin

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