Your First Visit - Skin Analysis

Dr Liv – Your Personal Skin Trainer

There are a lot of different skincare products out there!

It’s a cosmetic jungle!
Are you tired of searching for the perfect product?

Have you tried almost all of them? Are you disappointed with the failed promise these products deliver?
You even got bad skin just because using the wrong cream?

Did you ever ask yourself: “Which one is finally right for me?”
Can one skincare ever fit them all?


The wording of the marketplace confuses most people! With the promise of the multiple solutions and their new ingredients, none satisfy. There is additional confusion about the need of creams for different ages, and different problems. All in all, it is a minefield for the consumer.

Skin – not a black box

Since Skin is not a black box but based on biochemistry and science, Dr Liv Kraemer figured out that there are exactly six parameters showing exactly six points of actions.
All cosmetic and medical ingredients are working exactly on these six points to improve, reverse or stop the process of skin changes happened due to time and environment.

An individual solution

Not every cream is good for everyone. Most people even get skin problems by using the wrong cream. However, not many people consult a dermatologist for minor skincare questions and continue wasting money on more new products what failure to deliver better skin.


Dr Liv Kraemer helps you out of this cosmetic jungle!
She has developed a skin-typing system through applied research and application as a Doctor.

Dr Liv Kraemer finds the right ingredients and therefore, the right products and supplements for YOUR skin.
Enhance your skin to make you look at your best and as natural as possible – there are no boundaries.

The first visit

  • In your first Skin-Analysis visit, you can bring your own skincare products. In this 30-45 minutes consultation, Dr Kraemer will choose from a wide range of products to match the right ones for you to include OTC, pharmacy or prescription products.
  • Through your consultation, we decide together what would be best for you. If treatment is needed; and in which sequence. Dr Kraemer primarily promotes prevention over repairing with nature as our guide.
  • You also receive an analysis folder which you will take with you. It includes specific ingredients and cream recommendations suitable just for your skin.
  • As beauty doesn’t come just from the outside, Dr Kraemer also will include specific supplement recommendations as well.
  • Additionally, you receive a skincare schedule. It’s a treatment for YOUR skin only.

Make an appointment

Make an appointment for the Dr Liv analysis now. Call +41 44 211 88 11
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Dr Liv Kraemer and her team look forward to welcoming you.





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