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UV Day Shield
UV Day Shield

UV Day Shield

This ultra-light sunscreen gel provides your skin with antioxidants and protects against UVB (B for burning) and UVA (A for aging) rays. After using the sunscreen, you don't need an additional day cream or vitamin C serum in the morning. The gel is all three things in one. It adapts to your skin color. White patches, pimples, pigments, wrinkles, wrinkles and shiny skin will soon be a thing of the past.

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Content: 50 ml
€49.00 *

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  • Cruelty Free
    Cruelty Free
  • Swiss Made
    Swiss Made
  • Without Homosalate and Octorylene
    Without Homosalate and Octorylene

How to use the UV Day Shield

UV Day Shield - Protect your skin

Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick

  • Persönlich entwickelt von Dermatologin Dr. med. Liv Kraemer
  • Anti-Aging
  • Schützt vor UBA und UVB Strahlen
  • Dermatologisch getestet
  • Ohne Tierversuche
  • Beste Schweizer Qualität

Anwendung des UV Day Shield

Für einen idealen Schutz solltest Du den UV Day Shield täglich auftragen, auch drinnen.

Wasche zuerst Dein Gesicht. Idealerweise benutzt Du den Dr Liv Fruchtsäurewaschschaum, die Produkte sind aufeinander abgestimmt.

Anschliessend solltest Du Dein Gesicht abtrocknen. Trage nun den UV Day Shield auf. Vergiss Deinen Hals und Dein Dekolleté nicht.

Falls du Make-Up verwenden möchtest, anschliessend auftragen.

Die Sonne scheint immer, sonst ist es Nacht

Der Dr Liv - UV Day Shield enthält keine hormonaktiven Substanzen wie Homosalate und Octocrylene. Er ist somit korallenriff freundlich und belastet die Umwelt weniger.

Falls Du an öliger oder zu Akne neigender Haut leidest, kannst Du das Gel trotzdem verwenden. Das Niacinamid stabilisiert Deine Hautbarriere und die Hyaluronsäure macht das Gel leicht und Deine Haut schön geschmeidig. Ausserdem riecht dieser Sonnenschutz nicht chemisch und fühlt sich angenehm auf Deiner Haut an.

Da der Unterschied zwischen LSF (SPF) 30 und 50 nur ca 1% beträgt, hat dieses Gel einen LSF (SPF) von 30. Jedoch ist der UVA-Schutz höher, um Pigmente und Falten zu vermeiden.

Nach 6 bis 8 Wochen wirst Du die besten Resultate sehen.

UV Day Shield von Dr. Liv Kraemer

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UV Day Shield FAQ

  • What does SPF mean?
    SPF stands for «Sun Protection Factor». In German so called LSF (Lichtschutzfaktor). The SPF refers only to the UVB (B like Burning) factor, not to the UVA (A like Aging) factor.
  • Is it suitable for skin with acne prone oily skin?
    Sure, it is a super light weighted gel. It is perfectly suitable for acne prone and sensitive skin.
  • Can I use the Dr Liv Sunscreen also as a man?
    Of course. Men love the sunscreen as it is super lightweight, not creasy or sticky at all. But please do not use it on the upper eyes. (watch the video how to use it above)
  • Can a teenager use the Dr Liv UV day Shield?
    It is super important that you already start as a teenager to use proper UVA protection, to avoid dark spots also the one after the pimples. And of course, you want to start early a proper anti-aging skincare regime. This starts with washing your face properly with the Dr Liv Wash Foam and the UV day Shield in the morning. More is not needed.
  • If I keep the UV Day Shield in a standing position, a funny fluid comes out? Is that normal?
    Yes, don’t worry. It doesn’t go bad and it does not dissolve. You just need to shake it super well before every usage.
  • Does the sunscreen reduce your vitamin D production?
    Yes, it does. But why do you want to get the vitamin D from the surface of your face (4% of your body area). I rather use my arm or my leg. For the vitamin D production as both have a surface area from each 8%. This way I do not get pigmentations on my face.
  • What is the difference between SPF and LSF?
    Is exactly the same. SPF is the English abbreviation (sun protection factor) for the German abbreviation LSF, i.e. sun protection factor.
  • Why is a higher SPF better than a lower one?
    SPF (sun protection factor) is not a linear curve. So SPF 50 is not worse than SPF 100, it is a logarithmic curve so the UVB protection of SPF 50 and SPF100 is less than 1%, even the difference of SPF 30 and SPF 60 is about 1%.
  • A day cream with sun protection factor (SPF/SPF )15 is quite sufficient if I only go out into the fresh air for half an hour at lunchtime?
    Right, in order not to get sunburn (i.e. to keep UVB out), wrong, if you want to prevent wrinkles. Because SPF or SPF factors refer only to UVB. Only recently have regulations come out in the EU and Switzerland that regulate the protection of UVA light in a "sunscreen" cream. Therefore, please pay attention to whether there is a UVA filter label on the packaging. Only then can you be sure that you are also protected against UVA, which is harmful for aging, not only outside but also in your four walls. Therefore, I have my UV Day Shield also called UV Day Shield to shield UVA and UVB.
  • My make up has an SPF of 15, is that enough?
    No, you would have to apply 2mg per cm2 of make-up to achieve an SPF 15. However, this then has nothing to do with aesthetic make-up. In addition, there is still no UVA "A" (aging) protection integrated.
  • Is the Dr Liv sunscreen comedogenic?
    No, it is super light weighted and perfectly suitable for people with acne prone and sensitive skin. Even men love it, as it is not creasy at all.
  • Has the Dr Liv UV Day shield been tested on animals?
    No of course not! It is made in Switzerland!
  • Does the sunscreen makes my pimples?
    No it is a very light gel therefore the Dr Liv UV day shield helps you to prevent your acne scars getting darker and prevents your skin from discoloration even after pimples.
  • Can I use the sunscreen while having sensitive rosacea like skin?
    The question is not can you, it is more: YES YOU SHOULD use it to protect your skin for further damage and reducing its redness’s. It also contains antioxidants to protect your skin for further damage from the outside.
  • When do I use the sunscreen ideally?
    Every morning after you washed your face with the Dr Liv Face Wash. You apply a sufficient amount of the UV Day shield and apply it on the entire face. Please do not use it on your eyelids. As it includes antioxidants already, you do not need an extra Vitamin C serum or any other day cream. Use the UV Day shield 365 days per year. Even if you are not going outside.
  • How often should I use the sunscreen?
    100% every morning after you washed your face, even inside in your home office. As the UVA are penetrating the window. Theoretically you should reapply a sunscreen every 2 hours, but this is unfortunately not always practical.
  • Why is sunscreen so important?
    UV rays are counting to the biggest aging factors. Why? The sun is consisting of a board spectrum of lights e.g. UVA and UVB rays. UVA is penetrating the windows and going deep into your skin. They are producing pigmentation, collagen loss and redness in your face.
  • Does UV light age my skin?
    Yes of course. UVA A like Aging makes you the dark spots in the face, the wrinkles namely collagen loss and redness.
  • Do I need sun protection also in the shade?
    Of course. UVA is coming through the window. It is always there, even trees are not protection your skin from this harmful UV sun rays. The sun is always shining otherwise we call it night.
  • Do I need the sunscreen if I'm just sitting inside in the home office?
    Whether in the car or in the office, behind a pane of glass you are never protected from the UV rays. The sun consists of a large spectrum of energy. We know UVA and UVB. UVA, unlike UVB, is super energetic and therefore penetrates through the window without losing energy. UVA therefore penetrates unfiltered into the deep layers of the skin and destroys our collagen there, which becomes visible as wrinkles on the face . Unfortunately, it also comes to the destruction of other areas in the skin, which then leads to pigmentation and redness.
  • Is the UV Day Shield suitable for sensitive skin?
    Oh totally. As it is a super light gel with niacinamide it stabilizes even your skinbarrier.
  • Can I get tanned while using a high SPF?
    Unfortunately, yes you still get tanned. As nobody is applying this well and with the sufficient amount the sunscreen on their skin. But what does actually mean tanning? It is the first protection of your cells before they get destroyed. You might think about a bronze powder or a self-tanning cream before thinking tanning. I rather be pale and have a long-term beautiful skin rather than having a quick tanned but later wrinkly skin with a lot of dark spots and even skin cancer.
Dr Liv Kraemer FAQ zum Produkt UV Day Shield

Kundenbewertungen (4)

20 Apr 2021

Best sunscreen product ever tested

It's a fantastic product like I never saw before and i tested plenty of sunscreens! I love it and will soon reorder it.

Admin 20 Apr 2021

Dear Marie wow thanks so so so much for this beautiful comment. So happy to hear that you like it. It took me almost 4 years to develp it ..so thanks so so much..?

14 Apr 2021

Tolle Sonnencreme!

Tolles Produkt - leicht aufzutragen, hinterlässt keinen weissen Film auf der Haut, zieht schnell ein. Ideal als Makeup - Grundlage geeignet. Antioxidantien sind bereits enthalten, so dass kein weiteres Produkt nötig ist. Wirklich zu empfehlen!

Admin 20 Apr 2021

Oh vielen vielen herzlichen Dank! Bin so happy, dass er ihnen gefällt...habe fast 4 Jahre an den UV shay shield gearbeitet..Dankeschön ?

2 Apr 2021

My favorite sunscreen!

Excellent! Super light and can be reused over make up without damaging it. Fully recomended!

Admin 20 Apr 2021

oh thanks so much for this beautiful comment...so happy to hear....it took me really long to develop this one without hormonal active substances and antioxidants... thanks again..really appreciate ?

2 Apr 2021


Tolle Produkte und beide sind für meine empfindliche Haut geeignet. Nie mehr ohne !

Admin 20 Apr 2021

vielen vielen lieben Dank für den tollen Kommentar..das freut mich sehr. Ganz liebe Gruesse ?

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