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AHA Fruit Acid Serum
leichtes weissliches Fruchtsäure Serum für Deine Geschtshaut mit Fruchtsäure nund Vitamin C
Dr Liv Kraemer Fruchtsäure Serum mit Glykolsäure AHA

AHA Fruit Acid Serum

The Dr. Liv fruitacid serum makes your skin softer, finer, purer and fights your blemishes and dead skin cells. The fruitacids (AHA) remove the dead cells on the skin surface of your face. Your skin cell production gets boosted: your cells are starting their exercise. Your skin regains its natural glow. It becomes softer, smoother, finer pored and begins to glow.

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Content: 30 ml
€115.00 *

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  • No animal testing
    No animal testing
  • Swiss Made
    Swiss Made
  • Dermatology Tested
    Dermatology Tested

The Serum - How to use

AHA frutiacid Serum - The finishing touch for your perfect skin!

The most important at a glance

  • Personally, developed by dermatologist Liv Kraemer
  • Anti-Aging
  • Against small wrinkles so as against blemishes
  • Cruelty free
  • Best Swiss Quality
  • Glycolic acid in a hyaluronic serum

How to use the serum

The serum is used once per day, always just in the evening. In order to get a cleaner, smoother and more glowing skin, you need a good skincare routine. In the evening, remove your make-up first, then wash your face with the Dr Liv fruitacid wash foam.

Your skincare routine

  1. Take two small pumps of the serum and apply it on the outside of your hand, from there massage the serum with your middle fingers over your face, neck and décolleté.
  2. If needed, you can apply a light base cream or night cream. If you have the tendency to pimples or oily skin the serum alone is enough.
  3. The morning after you have to apply the Dr Liv sunscreen (UV protection) to protect your delicate skin.

Use the serum every evening. This will give you the best results. It might tingle and some of my patients get a little bit red. Do not worry this is like muscle ache after exercise. If your skin tingles too much, take a break for a day. After a couple of days, you do not feel it anymore: your skin is trained. After 6 to 8 weeks of daily use you will see the best results.

AHA Fruit Acid Serum von Dr. Liv Kraemer

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AHA Fruit Acid Serum FAQ

  • Why should I use the fruitacid serum?
    Because fruitacids remove the dead skin cells from your face, which gives you a rough and a big pore appearance. The serum in combination with the fruitacid Wash foam with lactic acid removes the dead skin cells and gives you your glow back. Ideally with the UV Dayshield with UVA to prevent more cell damage in your future.
  • Does the fruitacid serum work against big pores?
    Yes, totally. Because AHA remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin which gives you the appearance of large pores. With my fruitacid Serum your skin becomes smoother and more even. Use it regularly with the Dr Liv Fruit Acid Washing Foam and the Sun Protection, of course.
  • Does it have a smell?
    No, it doesn’t. Itis kind of neural as the fruitacid is “swimming” in a hyaluronic acid.
  • Has the fruitacid serum been tested on animals?
    No, 100% not. However, in Europe, no product may been tested on animals anyway.
  • Is it vegan?
    Yes, the foam is vegan. But all products are vegan, because the lactic acid is a molecule and does not come from a dairy product.
  • Is it lactose free?
    Yes. But that's a funny question. Because lactose is the milk sugar and has no place in cosmetic products.
  • Can the serum be used for acne?
    Yes, sure. It supports the skin in the fight against acne and pimples. Because it removes the dead cells on the skin surface…everything in the depth might come out…but just in the beginning….it is perfect in combination with your dermatology acne treatment. It gives your skin a smoother fine pored appearance.
  • Can a man use the fruitacid serum too?
    Of course. Men usually have rougher skin and bigger pores so as ingrowing hairs. All 3 happened because of dead skin cells on the surface area. Fruitacid in the foam and in the serum removes the dead skin cells. Use a tiny bit of the serum (2-4 drops) on the entire face scipping eyes and lips. But wash your face before with the furitacid wash foam to enhance the effect and the Dr liv UV day shield in the morning.
  • How lang does the serum last?
    If you are using it every evening with just 2 small drops, it lasts around 8 month. Always think about: less is more.
  • Can i use it while having a perioral dermatitis?
    Just in cooperation with your dermatologist.
  • Can I use it while having a dry skin?
    If you not suffering from heavy atopic dermatitis (itchy and red), but rather having your dry skin because of aging, than the fruitacid serum is ideally for you. It removes with the AHA the dead skin cells which are responsible for your dead skin which give you the dry rough appearance.
  • Can I use the fruitacid serum while having a sensitive skin?
    As long as you are not suffering from “sick” skin (itchy, red etc), not a problem. Compare it like a training. In the beginning might your skin react with reddish or tingling effects as you are not trained. After some days of using there will be not tingling or reddish effect, then you are trained. Start maybe with the foam first, first without leaving it on but rinsing it off immediately. As soon as you feel comfortable than you can start with the serum, maybe every 2nd night than every night. You will see, your skin become thicker, stable, fine pored and smoother very soon. But use the UV protection every day too (UV day shield)
  • Can I use it around my lips and eyes?
    Avoid upper eye lid and lips (never use a cream on the eyelids anyway).
  • Is the Dr Liv Fruitacid serum suitable for young people/ teenagers?
    Absolutely! It helps to get the dead cells away from the surface of our skin. However, it is possible that everything under the skin can come to the surface. But makes the skin smoother and removes pimples.
  • When can I see results?
    After 6-8 weeks if used regularly every day in the evening. Ideally in combination with a fruitacid wash foam and the UV dayshields in the morning.
  • How often should I use the Dr Liv Fruitacid serum?
    Every evening, after you have washed your face with the washing foam.
  • Is it comedogenic?
    No absolutely not, it works against pimples through the fruitacid because it removes the dead cells on the surface of your skin surface. Your skin gets smoother and
  • Does it contain parabens?
    No, why should it?
  • Can I use the fruit acid serum in the summer?
    Sure but just if you are using consequently every morning a UV protection sunscreen (Dr Liv UV Dayshield). Just use the serum in the evening, never as a day cream.
  • Can it be used for aging skin?
    Yes absolutely. It is anti-aging, it takes away the dead cells through the fruit acids, which are responsible for the dryness and large pores.
  • Can you use it if you suffer from rosacea?
    Yes, if not otherwise recommended by your dermatologist. I would start with the light fruit acid wash foam. Train the skin slowly...first use it every third day then every second day then every day...and then slowly add the serum. If it tickles or turns red, then slowly add it.
  • Can it be combined with other AHAs and BHAs?
    No need, because with the wash foam already combines AHA, LHA and BHA.
Dr Liv Kraemer FAQ zum Produkt AHA Fruit Acid Serum

Customer reviews (8)

6 Apr 2022


✨ Dieses Produkt hat meine Haut extrem verbessert! Weniger ist mehr und bereits nach kurzer Zeit habe ich eine deutliche Veränderung an meiner Haut festgestellt! Fettet nicht und ist super angenehm auf der Haut! Ist aus meiner Skincareroutine nicht mehr wegzudenken ✨

Admin 12 Jun 2022

vielen vielen herzlichen Dank! Es freut mich sehr ,dass zu hören. Liebe Gruesse Dr Liv ?

10 Mar 2022

UV Day Shield, Serum und Waschschaum

Ich habe alle 3 bestellt und seit 2 tagen fleissig am benutzen, bin suuuuper begeistert meine Haut fühlt sich nach dem ersten mal schon vieel gesünder und schöner aus, ich habe DrLiv schon länger gesehen und ihre Produkte, wollte es so schnell wie bestellen, ich bereue keine sek kann es nur Weiterempfehlen

Admin 12 Jun 2022

oh vielen vielen Dank! Das lässt mein Herz klatt hüpfen..vor Freude über so einen tollen Kommentar. Ich bin gerade dabei sogar noch Haut Vitamine zu designen.

liebe Gruesse aus Zürich

Ihre Dr Liv ?

12 Dec 2021

Das Serum ist ein „Must“

Es ist wirklich ein traumhaftes Serum. Ich benutze es jeden Abend nach der Reinigung mit dem AHA Fruchtsäure Waschschaum zum „Face Fitness“. Die Falten werden schwächer, die Haut eben mäßiger und sie bekommt einen super schönen Glow. Kurzum, es ist wirklich ein „must have“

Admin 12 Jun 2022

oh vielen herzlichen Dank für das schöne Urteil und den tollen Kommentar! Das lässt mein Erfinder und Dermatologen Herz hochschlagen!! vielen dank! Ich bin gerade dabei weitere Produkte zu designen und auch Vitamine für die Haut. liebe Gruesse

Dr Liv ?

24 Oct 2021

I live in sydney. I really want to analysis my skin first before buy. I am not what my skin problem. ? And do you guys selling in Australia?

Admin 12 Jun 2022

dear Rama

unfortunately i can not do the skin analysis online yet. Working on it, promise!

All the best 

Dr Liv ?

6 Oct 2021

Wunderschöne Haut

Noch nie sah meine Haut so toll aus wie jetzt!!! Ich bin ein riesen AHA Serum Fan und liebe alle 3 Dr. Liv Produkte, denn sie haben meine Haut komplett verändert! DANKE!

Admin 29 May 2022

Oh vielen herzlichen Dank! Ich entschulige mich, dass ich erst jetzt mich melde und mich gnaz herzlich für diesen tollen Kommentar bedanke ?

24 May 2021

Sehr zu empfehlen!

Ich benutze das Serum erst seit kurzer Zeit, habe aber bereits jetzt eine positive Veränderung meiner Haut festgestellt. Die Haut ist feinporiger und meine Hautunreinneiten sind auch schon besser geworden. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen!

13 Apr 2021

Für die tägliche Pflege ein "Muss"

In kleinen Mengen grosses Bewirken. Dieses Serum macht die Haut nach kurzer Zeit ersichtlich feinporiger und weicher.

Admin 20 Apr 2021

Oh vielen herzlichen Dank für den super lieben Kommentar. Freut mich mega...Dankeschön ?

31 Mar 2021

Super Serum! Sehr zu empfehlen

Super Serum! Zieht schnell ein und ist nicht fettend! Haut fuehlt sich toll an !

Admin 20 Apr 2021

vielen herzlichen DANK für den Kommentar und die lieben Worte. Zaubert mir glatt ein grosses Lächeln in mein Gesicht...?

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