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Der Dr Liv Fruchtsäure Waschschaum für Deine Reise- face wash to go
Der Dr Liv Gesichtswaschaum in 50ml Reisegrösse
der leichte Fruchtsäure Reise Waschschaum der Dr Liv Skincare Line

AHA Fruit Acid Wash Foam Travel Size

Dieser extrem milde Dr Liv Gesichtswaschschaum mit Frucht- und Milchsäure ist schon der erste wichtige Schritt für Dein erfolgreiches Training für Deine gesunde und schöne HautJa, es ist wie ein Training. Ausserdem ist die kleine Flasche ideal für jede Reise auch gerade für Dein Handgepäck im Flieger! Es ist ja der kleine Bruder vom grossen Dr Liv Waschschaum mit nur 50 ml Inhalt.

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I assume you included already the Dr Liv fruitacid wash foam in your daily washing routine as you love the results of the smooth glowing skin. But now you want to travel or you just do not want to carry the big bottle to the gym or on your weekend trip. Therefore, I assume you are looking now for the small 50ml travel size foam. As you want to keep your skin clean, healthy and beautiful and you probably cannot live without the Lactic acid (LHA) and fruit acid (AHA) Dr Liv washing foam. These fruitacids remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin. And you want to look great every day even after the gym or your small trip.

Content: 50 ml
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How to use the Wash Foam

Wash Foam - Your first step to a beautiful skin

How to use the washing foam

Use Dr Liv Washing Foam twice a day, always in the morning and evening. If your skin feels a little drier the next day, don't panic. This is not dryness, but the dead cells that are removed from the surface of the skin. The production of new cells is now being stimulated from below.. Your skin care routine

  1. Wash your hands with soap.
  2. Moisten your face with lukewarm water.
  3. Put two pumps of the foam in your hands and gently massage it all over your face (no eyes).
  4. Clean your teeth while the foam is working, then rinse with water. (Leave to act for max. 2 min).
  5. Dry your face with your face towel.
  6. Apply the Dr Liv UV Shield, it replaces your day serum and cream with UV protection and its antioxidants. Less is more.
  7. Apply make-up at the end (if desired).

In the evening, you should simply follow steps 1-5. Make-up should be removed beforehand. If you feel a little tingling sensation when applying the wash foam, don't worry, it's normal. Your skin starts to work and get rid of the dead skin cells like muscle soreness after weight training. After a few days you will not notice any soreness or tingling. Now you are trained! Let the foam work on your face - as long as you clean your teeth. You will get your beautiful glow back in 6-8 weeks.

AHA Fruit Acid Wash Foam Travel Size von Dr. Liv Kraemer

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AHA Fruit Acid Wash Foam Travel Size FAQ

  • Does the fruitacid wash foam remove my make up?
    No, if you have used make-up, you must first remove the make-up, ideally with a cleansing milk. Then use the fruit acid wash foam.
  • Has it been tested on animals?
    No, of course 100% not. However, in Europe, no cosmetic product will be tested on animals anyway.
  • What are Fruitacids and which fruitacids are the best?
    Fruit acids belong to the alpha hydroxy acids, which are also called AHA. There’re a lot of different fruit acids. For examples glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid. My favorite fruitacids are of course the glycolic acid and the lactic acid. Already Cleopatra did know about the effects of them. That’s the reason why she always took a bath in fermented donkey milk to get softer and more beautiful glowing skin. This is the reason why I included both into my Dr Liv Fruitacid wash foam.
  • Where do fruit acids come from?
    There are -as I said- different forms of fruit acids. One of them (my personal favorite) is glycolic acid. It originally comes from nature. So glycolic acid comes from grapes or from sugar cane. Lactic acid originally comes from milk, and lactic acid is abbreviated in English as lactic acid also called LHA . Yes, it is also suitable for vegans. Because the lactic acid is no longer obtained from the milk, but with the knowledge or from the knowledge of nature provided as a molecule.
  • Is it vegan? Is it lactose-free?
    Yes, it is vegan. But all products are, because the lactic acid is a molecule and does not come from a dairy product. We just use what we know from nature. And it's lactose-free, of course...^that's a funny question. Because lactose is the milk sugar and has no place in cosmetic products.
  • Can the Dr Liv Fruitacid foam be used against acne?
    Yes, sure. It supports the skin in the fight against acne and pimples. Because it removes the dead cells on the skin surface…everything in the depth might come out…..but just in the beginning….it is perfect in combination with your dermatology acne treatment. Because it removes the dead skin cells on the surface, in the beginning all the “garbage” can come to the outside. But then you will get a more cleaner and smoother fine pored skin.
  • Is it suitable for young teenies?
    Absolutely! It helps to get the dead cells away from the surface of our skin. However, it is possible that everything under the skin can come to the surface within the first 2 weeks, but it cleans it perfectly.
  • Can the Fruitacid foam be used as a man?
    Sure…of course! It even helps to prevent or eliminate ingrown hair, as my fruit acid wash foam removes the dead skin cells on the skin surface. This leads to ingrown hair. You can use it while taking a shower or while brushing your teeth.
  • Is the fruit acid wash foam good against ingrowing hair?
    Yes, my Dr Liv fruit acid wash foam removes the dead skin cells on the skin surface. This leads to ingrown hair.
  • How often should I use the foam?
    Every day in the morning and in the evening, ideally while brushing your teeth. And never in the morning without sun protection.
  • How long does the 200ml foam last?
    Around 2-3 month if you are using the washing foam twice a day.
  • Why is lactic acid included into the foam?
    Now you know why Cleopatra took a bath in fermented donkey milk...because of the lactic acid LHA (lactic acid)...which gently removes the dead cells on the surface of the skin.
  • Can I use the face fruitacid wash foam while suffering from rosazea?
    Yes, but maybe not frequently in the beginning. Also don’t leave it on, just rinse it off in the beginning. Start to use the foam maybe every third day than you get trained..than every second day than every day and than twice a day. Yes, it might tingle, but this will go as soon as you are “trained”. But talk to your Dermatologist first.
  • Can I use it for perioral dermatitis?
    Please only in consultation with your dermatologist.
  • Why should I use a foam with fruit acid?
    ...well, maybe take a look at my video above...otherwise read my text...It makes smooth skin :)
  • Can I use the fruitacid foam while having a sensitive skin?
    Yes but than get “trained”. What I mean? It might tingle a bit or you get red in the beginning, this means your skin need to be trained. Use it than maybe every 2nd day than every day and than 2 per day. In the beginning rinse it off immediately. Just if you feel comfortable you can start leaving it on while brushing your teeth. You will see, your skin become thicker, stable, fine pored and smoother very soon. But use the UV protection every day too (UV day shield)
  • What is fruit acid?
    Fruit acids belong to the group of alpha hydroxy acids, also known as AHA for short. In English, fruit acids are therefore called alpha hydroxy acid. Fruit acids include a large group of different fruit acids. These include glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid.
  • Will my skin become thinner by using fruit acids AHA?
    No, because the skin keeps producing new cells from bottom to top, until we die. If the dead cells are taken away, this happens even faster. I call this «sport» or « exercise» for your skin.
  • Can it be that my face feels drier at the beginning?
    Yes, because the dead cells are taken away and you feel this as dryness at the beginning. But it is the dead cells that go away. After a few days you are "trained" and you don't feel the "soreness" anymore.
  • I feel a tingling sensation and my face is a little red at the beginning, is that normal?
    Yes totally. The fruit acids can tingle at the beginning and make your face red for a short time, like the muscle soreness during sports. This goes away after several applications. If you are too unsure, then don't leave the foam on, but wash it off right away and/or use it every 3 days at the beginning, then every 2 days and then every day. Then you will be trained and you will not feel anything.
  • In the beginning I felt a tingling sensation, now I don't. Doesn't it work anymore?
    It's like in sports. First you feel the soreness, after a while of training you are trained and nothing hurts. Right at the foam. At the beginning it may tingle slightly, after that you are well trained -not used to it. So it still works, don't worry.
  • Can I get more pimples in the beginning?
    Yes, but don't get nervous. The dead cells are taken away at the surface and the production is boosted, so at the beginning everything comes up from the depth. But nothing can settle for it either. Your skin becomes finer and smoother.
Dr Liv Kraemer FAQ zum Produkt AHA Fruit Acid Wash Foam Travel Size

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