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AHA Fruit Acid Wash Foam
The Dr Liv mild face wash foam with fruit-and lactic acid is the first important step for your healthier and more beautiful glowing skin! Lactic acid (LHA) and fruit acid (AHA) remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin. Therefore, the Dr Liv fruitacid washing foam gives your skin a smoother appearance and works against blemishes by removing dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Thus, the skin cells production gets stimulated . Use it regularly, every morning and evening as you do it with your body work-out ! A cleaner skin after the first usage. Don't believe it? Try it now!
€49.00 *
UV Day Shield
This ultra- light sunscreen gel provides your skin with antioxidants and protects against UVB (B for burning) and UV A ( A for aging ) rays. After using the sunscreen, you don't need an additional day cream or vitamin C serum in the morning. The gel is all three things in one. It adapts to your skin color. It is not creasy at all, and does not give you this typical white cast. You will never look like a ghost again. The Dr Liv UV Day Shield is perfectly suitable for oily acne prone and sensitive skin. Therefore, it is your personal protection shield against, redness, dark spots and winkles.
€49.00 *
AHA Fruit Acid Serum
The Dr. Liv fruitacid serum makes your skin softer , finer , purer and fights your blemishes and dead skin cells. The fruitacids (AHA) remove the dead cells on the skin surface of your face. Your skin cell production gets boosted: your cells are starting their exercise. Your skin regains its natural glow . It becomes softer , smoother , finer pored and begins to glow .
€115.00 *
AHA Fruit Acid Wash Foam Travel Size
Dieser extrem milde Dr Liv Gesichtswaschschaum mit Frucht- und Milchsäure ist schon der erste wichtige Schritt für Dein erfolgreiches Training für Deine gesunde und schöne Haut ! Ja, es ist wie ein Training. Ausserdem ist die kleine Flasche ideal für jede Reise auch gerade für Dein Handgepäck im Flieger! Es ist ja der kleine Bruder vom grossen Dr Liv Waschschaum mit nur 50 ml Inhalt.
€30.00 *

Fruitacid products from Dr. Liv

What is fruitacid?

Fruitacids belong to the alpha hydroxyacids, which are also called AHA. There’re a lot of different fruitacids. For examples glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid.

Where does fruitacid come from?

There’re different types of fruitacid as I already mentioned before. One of those (my personal favorite) is glycolic acid. Originally they derive from nature. Glycolic acid from grapes and sugar cane. Lacitic acid comes from milk and is also called LHA. And yes, it’s suitable for vegans too. Because lactic acid is no longer extracted from milk but made available as a molecule with the knowledge or from the knowledge of nature.

Which fruitacid is the best?

There’re no good or bad fruitacids. But there are different fruitacids. In my opinion are the best fruitacids glycolic acid AHA and lactic acid LHA. Cleopatra did already know about the effects of fruitacids. That’s the reason why she always took a bath in fermented donkey milk to get softer and more beautiful glowing skin.

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What is fruitacid doing on my skin?

What does glycolic acid (fruit acid) do on the skin?

Glycolicacid belongs to the alpha hydroxyacids also known as AHA fruitacids. They are available in different concentrations. However, the concentrations of glycolic acid do not necessarily have anything to do with strength. Of course, they might correlate, but not only. It is also depending on the pH value of the cream or serum or fruitacid peeling. What does that mean? The skin can react very strongly with a 10% fruitacid, and nothing could happen with a 70% fruitacid. So - as always in science - several things are important. I hate generalizations.

What does fruitacid AHA do on the face?

Fruitacids AHA take the dead broken cells on the surface away. This is why the skin can become dry for a short time. But this isn’t dryness, those are the dead cells that are simply separated away. This stimulates the production from below and makes the skin smoother, more even with less large pores.

Will my skin become thinner by using fruitacids AHA?

No, because the skin keeps producing new cells from bottom to top, until we die. If the dead cells are taken away, this happens even faster. I call this «sport» or « exersice» for your skin.

Is fruitacid good for the skin?

Yes, absolutely, because fruit acid - AHA - removes the dead cells on your skin surface. It also makes your skin not just smoother and fresher, but also makes your skin fine pored. But you have to use a sunscreen as through fruitacids you get more and more a baby skin and baby skin is sensitive.

Can I use fruitacids against acne?

Yes, especially when you suffer from pimples AHA are great. Fruitacids have a positive effect on aging and against acne. Because they remove dead cells on the surface.

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