Fruchtsäure Serum


Fruchtsäure Serum


Dr LIV – Face AHA – Fruitacid Serum Anti-aging and Anti-acne

Dr Liv Fruitacid serum with fruitacids and Vitamin C: Workout for your skin

  • ANTI-AGING: Use the serum as recommended and it will restore your beautiful, smooth skin.
  • AGAINST ACNE: Finally get rid of pimples and acne – use my serum in the evening after washing with the the foam and your skin will certainly improve.
  • RAPID RESULTS: You will see an improvement after six to eight weeks if you use the fruit acid serum regularly.
  • SCIENTIFIC: This serum gives your skin back the desired GLOW – scientifically proven, dermatologically tested, no animal testing.

Would you like to know if the Dr Liv fruitacid Serum is suitable for you?

Your suffer from acne? Do you suffer from aging, rough, dry and dull skin? Great, my Dr Liv fruitacid serum is perfect for YOU! I have created this product myself and – with the feedback of my patients – improved it’s formulation and quality over the years, so that I can proudly present this serum to you. Just try it out. It really works.

Start your skin workout now! Yes, it really is a healthy workout.

Now you’re thinking: „Okay, she’s just kidding, right? Applying a fruit acid serum to my skin is hardly training!“ But you’re wrong – it’s really like workout. And you might actually feel the exercise you give your skin when you use my fruitacid serum. At the beginning you might feel a little tingling when you apply the serum on your skin, it can even turn red. Don’t worry, that is a perfectly normal reaction at the beginning. Not everybody experiences this, but don’t worry it is even good when it happen. If you want to apply your „normal cream“ – I call it base cream, simply spread thinly over it. But please remember: If you have pimples, never use a cream that is too creamy and heavy, but something light. But use the serum daily every evening after you have thoroughly cleansed your face with the Dr Liv Fruit Acid Wash. When you feel no more tingling or redness, your skin training has started and you will soon notice clearly visible smoothing and a refinement of the pores. Your surroundings will also appeal to your improved skin appearance, because it cannot be overlooked. Getting red skin or feeling a tingling sensation is comparable to the training of your body. If you are not trained, you will get sore muscles. But if you keep exercising, you won’t feel any muscle aches after a while. The same goes for my washing foam and this serum.

Against acne: How does my Dr Liv fruitacid serum work?

It contains fruit acid and vitamin C. If you have acne, you’ve got a lot of dead skin cells on top. They clog your pores so that all the cell and bacterial waste is trapped in the depths of your skin. This is what you feel as pimples or unevenness, you have to get rid of the dead skin cells on top, so that all the dirt can come to the surface. And when your cell turnover increases, no more waste can accumulate in the depths. Want to know all the details? Okay, here we go: Fruit acids are ingredients that remove dead skin cells from the skin. While these dead skin cells are removed very naturally with the fruit acids, the cells in the depths of your skin begin to produce new skin cells. In other words, production from below is increased, pushing all the dirt and toxins from the depths to the surface.

Against dull and rough aging skin: How does my Dr Liv fruitacid SERUM work?

It contains fruit acid and vitamin C. If you suffer from dull, dry, rough skin, this also means that you have many dead skin cells on your skin. Compared to movement: If you don’t do at least a little exercise, your muscles will weaken. Your production decreases with the skin and more and more dead skin cells remain on the upper skin layers. This makes your skin look duller and feel drier. Your skin becomes thinner and feels much more sensitive. You can accept it – or you can do something about it! You want all the details? Fruit acids are ingredients that help to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. As I said before, if you remove these dead skin cells naturally with fruit acids, the cells in the deeper parts of your skin start to produce new skin cells. In other words, production from below increases because all dead skin cells on the top are shredded away. Once production starts up again, your skin becomes thicker, less dry and smoother. It is better supplied with blood and you get your shine back!

How to use my Dr Liv fruitacid perfection serum?

Here I will explain all the steps for the correct use of my serum. You can also have a look at my YouTube video on how to apply the serum correctly. As I said before, you should use it once a day – only in the evening. IN THE MORNING: This should be your morning face routine:
  1. Always wash your hands with soap before touching your face.
  2. Spray your face with lukewarm water.
  3. Put two pumps of Dr. Liv fruit acid foam in your hands.
  4. Gently massage the foam all over your face.
  5. It could tingle, you could turn a little red – as I explained above, don’t worry.
  6. After a maximum of 5 minutes, rinse and gently dab with a clean towel, never rub!
Now you continue with your skin care:
  • If you suffer from acne: Use your prescribed dermatological creams or very light base creams.
  • If you want to use it against aging, use an antioxidant serum such as Vitamin C, Resevertrol, Greentea or Evening Caffeine.
  • Then apply a sun cream or light sun cream with at least SPF 30. Why? Because when you remove dead skin cells, your baby’s skin becomes smoother and smoother. However, since we do not have such good internal protection, you must protect your skin from the outside with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30! (Would you like to know more? Watch my video on how toapply sunscreenandhow to wash your face properly.
  • If you are wearing make-up: The last step is the make-up.
IN THE EVENING: Of course, your evening routine looks a little similar, but now you apply the fruit acid serum
  1. Wash your hands with soap first before touching your face.
  2. Then splash your face with lukewarm water.
  3. Get two pumps of the Dr. Liv fruitacid washing foam into your hands.
  4. Massage the foam gently all over the face.
  5. It might tingle, you might get a little red – as I explained above, don’t worry, rinse it off.
  6. Rinse it off after 5 min maximum.
Now you continue with your skincare and my fruit acid serum:
  • Tap it dry with a towel just for your face. Do not use the same towel for your hands. You don’t want to increase the bacterial overload and get pimples!
  • Now you can use the Dr. Liv fruit acid serum. It also has an even more intensive effect than the foam.
  • It is very durable, so just use a small hub, not even the size of a small peanut, and apply it to your face, but please skip eyes and mouth.
  • Let it work for a few seconds
  • Then apply your base cream when you feel dry. (If you suffer from acne, please do not use heavy cream or oil. Simply use a light lotion, gel or light gel cream. Do not clog the pores again!

What will you experience when using the Dr Liv Fruit Acid Serum?

Dr. Liv Fruit Acid Serum gives your skin a smoother appearance and fights acne and dead skin cells, which gives you the wrinkles as it removes dead skin cells. Use it regularly – just as you do your exercises. Best results are achieved with regular use. If you feel it is too tingling, skip a day and then continue. Just as you train when you’re not, you need more time to get fit. And after six to eight weeks you will see the great results. You want to try it? ORDER HERE Just apply on your face at night time–after washing. Can be used under your night cream! Always use sun–cream the morning after. For external use only! Dermatologically tested, no animal testing.