Are you annoyed of these small blue violet veins on your legs?  Do you want to get rid of them?

Spider vein removal

For spider vein removal, Dr. Liv Kraemer performs sclerotherapy at her Zurich office. The sclerotherapy procedure is the most effective way to eliminate unattractive leg veins. “Spider” veins, known medically as telangiectasia, are excessively dilated small blood vessels in the skin.AS they look like small legs of spiders, they are called “spider veins”.
No one knows exactly what causes spider veins, but mechanical trauma (including crossing your legs), leg injuries, tight fitting clothes, obesity, long periods of standing or sitting as well as pregnancy, family history and hormones all seem to play a role. The spider veins range in color from red to blue depending on the size of the blood vessels (red=smallest; purple=medium; blue=largest).
To meet with us and learn more about sclerotherapy at our Zurich office, please request a consultation with Dr. Liv Kraemer or call (044) 211-88 11 to schedule your appointment.

The cost may vary. Dr. Liv Kraemer will discuss it with you accordingly to the severity.
It starts with both legs at 450CHF incl. a follow up consultation within the next 10 days.


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