How to remove makeup to avoid pimples!

Hello everybody! My name is Dr Liv Kraemer.

I am a dermatologist from Zurich with focus on skincare and skinfood. A lot of my patients ask me how to prevent pimples. Therefore, in this post, I will show you how to remove makeup! I will talk about my favourite makeup removal products and ways to avoid pimples and acne.

Watch my video tutorial half with and half without makeup

I love skincare and skin food

Why it is important to remove your make-up?

It is so important to remove your makeup! Otherwise, the bacteria have time to grow, and you get pimples. Just think like that: You cover bacteria with your makeup. For them, it is like a party-tent underneath they can grow and grow and grow. Therefore, it does not matter how sleepy you are or how long your day was: If you want to have glowy beautiful skin: Remove your makeup – EVERY DAY! If you do not, you are going to rub the bacteria into your pillow. Do not forget to wash your hands first before you wash your face. Afterwards, put your cleanser into your clean hands, foam it and then apply it to your face and massage it on. After this, you have to apply a cream or a serum.

  • Tie your hair back! Otherwise you will get clogged pores around your hairline! as you are sleeping on your hair and you bacteria will grow
  • Wash your face  properly! If there’s one zone that’s frequently neglected during makeup removal, it’s the eyelid!

How to avoid pimples and acne?

A lot of people are suffering from bad skin condition and acne. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. I tell them: DO NOT touch your face! Neither pick or pop your pimples. There are simple things you can do to prevent pimples:

If you use makeup, please do not use greasy cosmetics! Because some of the products you use on your face can clog the pores and actually accentuate the pimples you are trying so hard to hide. Choose lightweight, oil-free moisturizer underneath the makeup and avoid products with shea butter, cocoa butter or cold cream. If you want to know more about acne and how to prevent it, read this post!

Use bed sheets made of cotton! You can wash them 60° or 90° and get rid of all bacteria! Otherwise, you get a bad skin condition or cause acne. Watch my video to learn more about it.

Be careful and take your time while washing your face! Don’t hurry! Use a small or midsize towel for your face only! Don’t use it for other parts of your body in order to minimise the bacteria overload. Wash your towel with 60° to minimise the bacteria.

Last but not least – be always gentle with your skin!

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