Your First Visit – Dr. Liv Skin Analysis

Dr. Liv – Your Personal Skin Trainer

What needs does my skin have? How do I know what my skin needs and how do I give it?

Get to know your skin better!

Dr. Liv skin examination

Dr. Liv Kraemer helps your with the right skincare product selection. Over years, she has developed a skin type system based on science and her work and experience as a physician and researcher in dermatology.

Why a skin analysis?

Just like you, she could not find the right skincare ingredients just in one cream or one brand. Therefore, Dr. Liv Kraemer helps you to find the right ingredients and thus the right skincare products and micronutritions for YOUR skin. Improve your skin. Let it look as natural and beautiful as possible – at any age.

Skin analysis with Dr. Liv

At the beginning of your first visit, Dr. Liv Kraemer will perform a skin analysis on you. In this very detailed consultation she analyses yours skin appearance in the first step, responds to your specific wishes and, above all, your needs. She discusses the possibilities with you. Even more, Dr. Liv selects the individual ingredients specific to your skin. She explains exactly why and how something works. She will put together an individual skin training plan for your skin. Which active skincare ingredients are right for your skin? Which ones should you use in the morning and which in the evening?

Prevention is better than repair!
Start now!


Dr. Liv Kraemer helps you out of this cosmetic jungle!

Dr Liv Kraemer finds the right skincare ingredients and therefore, the right products and supplements for YOUR skin.
Enhance your skin to make you look at your best and as natural as possible – there are no boundaries.

The first visit

  • In your first Skin-Analysis visit, please bring your own skincare products, so Dr. Liv can incorporate them.
  • In this Skin-analysis consultation, Dr. Kraemer will select the products available on the market. Some are freely available, some only in pharmacies, OTC or prescription products.
  • Through your consultation, you decide together what would be best for you, if treatment is needed and, if so, in which sequence. Dr. Kraemer primarily promotes prevention over repairing with nature as our guide.
  • You also receive an analysis folder which you will take with you. It includes specific ingredients and cream recommendations suitable just for your skin.
  • Since beauty comes not only from the outside, but also from the inside, specific micronutritions and food supplements recommendations are included into the recommendation as well.
  • In addition, Dr. Liv will give you a plan of how and what you can do to “train” your skin to maintain and support your natural beauty.
    It’s a treatment for YOUR skin, only.

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 Your First Visit – Dr. Liv Skin Analysis