Video tutorial: How to apply sunscreen on the face!

Hello everybody! I’m Dr. Liv and I’m a dermatologist from Zurich with focus on skincare and skinfood. In this video I will show you how to apply sunscreen the right way. We all want to protect our skin and look young and healthy. So the golden rule is: Use sunscreen every day – every day!

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How sunscreen protects your skin:

Your body needs shielding from harmful rays! There are two different kinds of sunscreen action to make the UV radiation not harmful for your skin: Sunscreen works either in a physical way and reflects the UV-radiation. You call them mineral filters (the sunscreen gives you a whitish appearance because of the ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide). Or it works in a chemical way (don’t get nervous about chemical). It transforms the rays into low energy so it protects your cells from getting damaged. I recommend using sunscreen every day (a combination of both). It slows down the development of wrinkled skin and reduces the appearance of facial red veins and pigmentation – it’s the best anti-aging product you can get!

How to use sunscreen?

This should be your morning routine, not just during summer: Wash your hands before applying the sunscreen! Use it underneath your makeup and don’t forget your ears and neck. It’s also important to reapply it during the day. Why? Because you don’t want to get wrinkles, rednesses and pigmentation.

Good to know about UV:

  • Even on a cloudy day! UVA rays penetrate your skin deeply, so protect it every day.
  • Sunburn makes the chances of skin cancer much more likely! Please use sunscreen with SPF30 or SPF50. Once you’ve tanned, you’ve damaged your skin!
  • Make sure your sunscreen is not greasy! Choose a light lotion, spray or gel which feels good on your skin. Allow it to absorb completely before dressing!
  • Your lips need protection, too! Lips are an area we often sunburn, so use a balm with SPF30 to fight those harmful rays.

But not only sunscreen helps you to protect your skin – wear a hat and sunglasses on sunny days!

You will never see me outside without suncream!


Dr. Liv

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