Healthy skin through exercise and skin antioxidants

Hi everybody, I’m Dr Liv Kraemer a board certified dermatologist with a focus on skincare and skinfood from Zurich. Do you want to know what antioxidants are good for your skin? Why do we need antioxidants for our skin? What happens to your skin while we exercise? What should you consider while you exercising! Therefore, in this post, I explain how you get a healthy skin through exercise. Workout in combination with the right skin antioxidants lead to a brighter skin. Are you ready?

There are different methods to treat impure skin. So let’s talk about something that you can do by yourself every day. One way to improve your skin condition is exercise and workout. But besides, you need skin antioxidants

Why do you need antioxidants for your skin?

Antioxidants are like protection shields for your skin cells. Free radicals are harming these shields, therefore you need help! Antioxidants can protect your skin cells. Try to eat a lot of vegetables! Choose vegetables rich in colours; then colours indicate a high impact of antioxidants. Choose rainbow coloured food, for example, peppers, kale, spinach, zucchini or pumpkins.

You might eat well but while working and exercising you may miss some of the right antioxidants. Micronutrition can help you! Look at the ingredients – choose green tea, lycopene, beta-carotene, OPC, or even Vitamin C. But please consult your dermatologist to help you find the right products for you.

Dr. Liv Kraemer Teller mit Kiwi Zitrone Orange Granatapfel und Stethoskop
Dr. Liv Kraemer weisse Kommode mit Broccoli Stethoskop grünem Smoothie und Salat

Don’t only buy the good looking multivitamin capsules or drinks found somewhere on the internet or Instagram. Have a look at the filling agents. Try to avoid titan dioxide or aspartame. All the tablets have to pass your whole digestion system. Therefore, it’s important to know what you eat. So many of my patients are afraid of using creams with ingredients they don’t know. They read about an ingredient somewhere and want to switch to organic skincare. But none of them ever questioned the pills or vitamin drinks they drink every day. You can do more harm to your body with wrong food, than with a wrong cream. (Your face consists just 4% of the body area. As a result, it’s very unlikely that the ingredients of a face cream will get into your bloodstream and affect your body).

So watch out what you eat!

What happens to your skin while exercising?

We know that sport-related activities cause positive impacts on our skin. The benefits are:

  • A healthy circulation keeps your body young and vibrant! The blood flow carries away waste products and free radicals from working cells. You will see an improvement in your skin condition!
  • A workout can reduce stress which is a primary trigger factor for different skin diseases such as acne, itchy skinor atopic dermatitis!
  • You firm your skin while building muscles. It’s a workout for your whole body!
  • But don’t look angry! Otherwise, you train the wrong face muscle while tuning your body. Train also your face muscles (watch my video about botulinumtoxin)!

Try yoga! For many people, yoga provides a short retreat from their busy everyday life. The intensive exercises improve your mental health and firm your skin. You will not get only brighter, more beautiful and youthful skin but also more self-awareness. Studies show that yoga can also help when having a depression or arthritis.

Healthy Skin through exercise – what to consider:

  • Try to remove your makeup before going to the gym. Why? Your sweat contains bacteria and if you touch yourself, you scrub the bacteria inside your face.
  • Use a fresh towel for your face only. Don’t put it on the floor, the gym machines or yoga mats and then in your face 🙁
  • Try not to touch your face while exercising. If you sweat a lot, use an extra face towel!
  • Wash your face after the workout sessions to remove all sweat and dirt.
  • Try not to touch the pilates or yoga mat with your face (in particular, if it’s not your own). There are tons of bacteria on the mat!

Antioxidants are important for a healthy skin!

While working out or having stress our body is producing free radicals. These free radicals are like bullets. These bullets are harming the surface of our skin. Furthermore, these free radicals are neutralised by an elaborate antioxidant defence system consisting of enzymes such as catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and numerous nonenzymatic antioxidants. These include vitamins E and C, glutathione, ubiquinone, and flavonoids. (1)(2) In conclusion, using micronutrition especially relevant Vitamin E and C can help your body and skin to regenerate as well. A combination of 200 mg vitamin E, 600 mg vitamin C, and 100 mg ubiquinone (co-enzyme Q10) can help to keep your antioxidant level high. Furthermore, glutathione or other antioxidants as OPC can improve your antioxidants level. Therefore you’re resistant to free radicals and you get a better brighter skin texture. You get a healthy skin! Go out and have fun!

Go for a run, do pilates, or go cycling. Enjoy physical activities!

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Dr. Liv


(1) Banerjee A. K, Mandal A, Chanda D, Chakraborti S. Oxidant, antioxidant and physical exercise. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 2003

(2) Bloomer R. J, Goldfarb A. H, McKenzie M. J. Oxidative stress response to aerobic exercise: Comparison of antioxidant supplements. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2006

 Healthy skin through exercise and skin antioxidants