Facial exercise to tighten skin

Hello, my name is Dr Liv Kraemer 💕 I am a dermatologist with focus on skincare and skinfood from Zurich. In this YouTube video I show you tipps about facial exercises or so called facial gymnastics. You learn how to improve your look without any injections some call it facial yoga.

Can facial exercise work?

Of course facial workout does work. You use your muscle every day. In the face your skin is detached to your muscles. Therefore with each movement you also move your skin and creating a wrinkle.

As more as you move your facial muscles per day, as more you will develop your wrinkles in your face. Lets say you move your forehead 10 times per hour…means 10 times 10 therefore 100 repetition per day…per week…per month …per year etc…you know what I mean 😉

So you get it? You are creating your own wrinkles by yourself. But you can do exercise to also improve your look by moving the right muslcles. 

You will learn in that facial exercises video?

  • Simple Exercises for the day
  • How to activate your face muscles
  • How to get a sharp jawline
  • How to tighten you skin
  • How to facial exercise for high cheekbones

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