Cosmetic Dermatology

Have you decided to do something more for your skin – but you don’t know what?
Have you already undergone a regular treatment program with your aesthetician, but you notice that this is not enough for you?
Do you want to look as natural as possible, yet you would like to know if you can still do something supportive for your skin?
Do you want to add medical-cosmetic regime to your skin-care treatment?
Do you already know what you want to do, but are unsure if it is suitable for your skin?

If these questions resonate with you, then Dr. Liv can guide you through your decision-making process. In a detailed consultation so called “skin-analysis” you get a specific “skin-training” for your face with active ingredients. She will explain how different methods are working and if and what it is the right treatment for you. Further you decide together if treatment is necessary, and which options are the right ones for you.

You also can decide which sequence of treatments would be suitable to even further highlight your natural beauty. Prevention is better than repair in order to look as naturally beautiful as possible.

If you have questions about your current skincare regime and products, or if you decided to do more: Make an appointment to get to know more about the special Dr. Liv Kraemer Skin Analysis.

On your first visit

You are taking care of your body. Maybe you even have a personal trainer? That’s great! Now let’s take care of your skin as well. But instead of training your muscles, Dr. Liv will be your personal skin trainer – helping you to choose the right active ingredients for your skin.

If you want to look naturally beautiful, it is always better to prevent damage than to repair it.

If you are in doubt concerning a proper skincare regime and the proper products for you or if you decide to do more – book the special Dr. Liv Kraemer Skin Analysis.

PLEASE bring all your products incl. your vitamins and other supplements with you. If you are a man, please also bring your shaving products. She will review them with you and will try to incorporate them into your regime.

You also can make your appointment online here very conveniently.
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Call us at +41 44 211 88 11 !

We look forward to personally welcoming you to the Dr. Liv Kraemer Clinic, where we will be delighted to tell you more about beauty, anti-aging and prevention.

Beauty on the inside and on the outside.
As naturally as possible, this way you can look your best at any age.

 Cosmetic Dermatology