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Beautiful skin is no coincidence – I will show you the surprisingly simple way to get there. It’s like sports. Nothing happens overnight, but with a good training you will make it. Get your radiant skin back now

There are so many products on the market: it’s a jungle of cosmetic products.

You have already tried several products and are tired of looking for the right one?

Are you disappointed with the results? Perhaps your skin has deteriorated from the cream instead of improving?

You finally want the answer to the question: “Which product is right for me?”

The right

The promises of the cosmetics market and the ever new ingredients are confusing for many people. Different skincare creams for different age groups and individual problems contribute to the confusion in the skincare market. Dr. Liv Kraemer will help you to find the right skincare and skincare ingredients for you. Doesn’t matter if blemishes, red and itchy skin or just to know what to use longterm. Skin is always changing. But you have to know what and when to use which of the skincare ingredients. Dr Liv will guide you and coaches you with the ingredients on the market. But always remember less is more. Skincare is not a hobby. 

Healthy skin through knowledge

The skin is not a black box. It is based on science and biochemistry. Dr. Liv Kraemer has discovered that exactly six parameters describe the six different sites of action.

All cosmetic and medical ingredients act on exactly these six points, which improve, stop or even reverse the process of skin changes. It’s like exercise: like a training session that can only lead to real success through repetition, patience and the knowledge of how to use sports equipment correctly.

“As a skin coach, I teach you how to treat your skin again and again – and not just once correctly. I show you which ingredients suit your skintype and how to use the skincare ingredients individually for yourself.

Improve YOUR skin's appearance

“I always tell my patients there’s no cream that can do everything. But there are active ingredients that help specifically.”

Many people get skin problems if they use the wrong cream. However, only a few dare to go to a dermatologist with their “minor” skincare questions and fears about skincare products. As a result, they continue wasting money on ever more new products which fail to deliver better results. I will help you to select the right skincare and nutrition products to improve the appearance of your skin.

It’s never too late to choose beautiful and healthy skin

Effective skincare

YOUR skin changes through internal and external conditions: stress, hormones, lifestyle or seasons can stress your skin. Strengthen and support it with the right skincare routine, perfectly tailored to you – from the in- and outside.

Healthy nutrition

Your menu has a direct influence on your beauty. Certain ingredients in food, such as industrial sugar, animal fats or chemical additives, upset our skin’s balance. Beauty food means: plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.: on the right time of the day, with the right amount. It doesn’t mean always high amounts. Sometimes is also there: less is more.

Right skincare

Wrong products lead to intolerances and destroy confidence in skincare. The promises of the cosmetic market and the ever new ingredients are confusing. Different creams for different age groups and individual problems contribute to the confusion. Interested make an appointment  with Dr Liv now

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