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What is rosacea and how can it be treated?

Do you suffer from redness on your face? Particular around your nose and cheeks? Maybe you even suffer from pimples and small dilated blood vessels on your face? You don’t know what to do about it? You feel a flush in your face when coming from the cold outside into the heated rooms? Warm feeling in your face after drinking red wine or alcohol is something you […]

Skin Care

Fruit acid peel – how to get your Hollywood glow

Over the age the production of your top skin layers is getting slower and slower! Your skin is starting to have less glow, to look dull. Chemical peels or fruit-acid peels are a great way to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. Dr. Liv – your Personal Skin Trainer explains why: What […]

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Botulinumtoxin – wie sich das Gesicht im Alter verändert

Ich bin Dr. med. Liv Kraemer (M.D., Ph.D.) Fachärztin für Dermatologie aus Zürich. Ich erkläre Ihnen was im Alter mit Ihrer Haut passiert und wie man dagegen vorbeugen kann! Erfahren Sie mehr darüber im Video: Anti-Aging ist ein Thema welches uns alle beschäftigt. Mein Credo ist: „Das Altern kann man nicht aufhalten, aber man kann […]

Skin Care

Filler – photoshop your wrinkles

You want to have a supple and young-looking skin? The fillers provide hydration and structure and create natural volume to smooth away the appearance of lines, enhance facial shape, or create fuller lips.